Adrenal Fatigue, Stress and Infertility Explained

Adrenal Fatigue, Stress and Infertility Explained

I think adrenal fatigue may be one of the most underrated causes of illness and disease in our culture. At the same time, there is a serious epidemic of this disorder in the US. Unfortunately, the disorder is no longer recognized by mainstream medicine but is better recognized by holistic practitioners as a real disorder with answers, as long as you catch it before it wreaks too much havoc on your body systems.


Adrenal fatigue is basically the body’s inability to cope with physical, emotional, and mental stresses the way a healthy mind and body are normally able to. This sets the stage for cognitive issues (low concentration and lack of focus), chronic fatigue, chronic infections and inflammation (including UTIs and yeast infections), infertility or trouble getting pregnant, insomnia and waking more tired than you were before sleep, low immune functions, and IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  Adrenal fatigue essentially equates to hypoadreniaor underfunction/ low-functioning adrenal glands.

Adrenal fatigue can happen at anytime during our lives, but especially during stressful times. It is rather disturbing that stress can have adverse affects on every single system of the body. When we talk about “stress,” we are referring to anything that can throw your body or your life out of balance -external circumstances, environmental, or something inside our bodies. If you are trying to conceive, I know you’ve heard, “just relax, and you’ll get pregnant.” Or, “take a nice vacation and you’ll come back pregnant!” While these are thoughtful suggestions, there’s actually some truth to them!

As shown in the diagram below, stress affects every system of our body. All the systems of our body are controlled by the brain. The messages are then carried out by the flow of the endocrine system through circulatory system.  The brain perceives stress. In turn, the Hypothalamus believes that there’s danger, which signals the pituitary gland to release stress hormones as messengers to the adrenals. Once the adrenals get the messenger stress hormones, it floods the bloodstream with stress hormones; therefore, blocking the flow of hormones necessary for reproduction. You see, this important to visualize, because the hormones you to conceive a baby, take the exact same path that the stress hormones do.


In simpler terms, the brain is the command center of the body. What the brain wants to the body to do, it will do. However, stress comes first! When the body is in a state of fight or flight, we simply cannot reproduce, heal, sleep, digest, or concentrate. The body is on guard looking for danger so it cannot focus on making a baby, even if you tell your brain that you want to be pregnant. Your brain is not designed to multitask! To show that human brains are not good multi-taskers, try this fun exercise:

Make fists with your hands.
Turn your hands in small circles at the wrists.
Keep going…

Now, with your hands still making circles…
Turn your feet in the same direction your hands are going.
Keep going…

Now change the direction of just your feet…
Your hands still moving the way they were when you started the exercise.

Now, you see… YOU CAN’T!

So, what you can do to relieve your symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue? 


  1. Start a routine for relaxation: a nice hot bath with epsom salt, add a few drops of lavender essential oil; while enjoying a warm cup of chamomile tea.
  2. Join a slow flow, gentle, or restorative yoga class with meditation.
  3. Acupuncture with a qualified practitioner.
  4. Chiropractic care improves nerve flow to the adrenal glands and to the pelvic organs.
  5. Take your daily vitamins. In addition to your daily multivitamin, add extra Vitamin D3, B-Complex, DHEA, and Vitamin C. Most likely, your daily multivitamin is not supplying you with enough of the necessary nutrients to make your adrenals happy campers. Remember to be sure that your vitamins are a good quality, food-based vitamin and mineral.
  6. Homeopathic treatment individualized specifically for your symptoms can be effective. Seek treatment with a qualified practitioner.
  7. Join an online group like mine, Roadmap to Baby, to make lasting changes to your lifestyle.

And if all else fails…



Health and Happiness,


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