Sex & Motherhood

Sex & Motherhood

Episode 2: Sex & Motherhood
January 20, 2020



Sex changes for couples once they have children but it shouldn’t. In this episode, I sit down with Michelle Purta to talk about ideas for keeping sex normal and HOT after having children.

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Michelle is a marriage coach for moms. She helps moms be happier in their marriage using a life coaching approach. She empowers women to create more partnership, connection and joy. She didn’t grow up with a good example of effective communication or how to have a strong relationship and her relationships suffered from that. Once she became a mom, she quickly lost herself, like many moms do, and found her marriage becoming disconnected. Now she is on a mission to help empower moms to know they can enjoy their marriage through every stage of motherhood, not just when the kids move out.


Nicole Buratti is an internationally recognized Sex Expert. She is a sex writer and speaker. Nicole is available for private sex, dating, and relationship coaching. Connect with her HERE.

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