Sober Sex

Sober Sex

Episode 10: Sober Sex
March 3, 2020

Sober Sex

Oh my… sober sex is mindful sex is mind blowing sex. Listen in as I chat with UK Based Claire Louise Owen, the Soberholic as we get down and dirty on sex without alcohol.

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Sober Sex

I had everything and still became addicted to the promise that wine is the answer, I deserve it, Its 5 O’clock somewhere, It’s all just a bit of glamourous fun…. I am a typical 30 + female that the alcohol industry caters to with its fancy mojitos, pink Prosecco and its flavoured Gin.

I was like many of the binge drinkers in the UK that thought it was all just a good laugh.

Most books you read are of a terrible childhood and homelessness that leads to alcohol and drug abuse this one is different this one might make you stop and THINK… it isn’t just the destitute that have a problem many of us are suffering we just have a nicer park bench. Claire Louise Owens


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