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Reliable and precise from day one thanks to the Daysy fertility calculator

Calculating when you are in your fertile or infertile phase is no easy task. To be precise, you need reliable data. Daysy makes it simple to know when you are fertile by taking your waking temperature, tracking this data, and calculating when you are in your fertile and infertile phases. Daysy indicates your fertile window with reliability and precision. A pregnancy can be specifically planned with this knowledge.

These factors play a role in calculating your fertile days:

  • Menstrual cycle length: A cycle starts on the first day of menstruation (= 1st day of cycle) and ends on the day before the next menstruation. Each cycle is different and can even vary.

  • Your basal body temperature (waking temperature) is slightly lower in the first cycle phase and increases by 0.25-0.45°C around the time of ovulation.

  • Record all measurements and remember other factors that could have an influence, such as an infection or fever.

  • Understanding all of the above information and calculating your fertility status every day.

  • Besides all the complicated things mentioned, do not forget to find the best time to be intimate with your partner.

Sounds like a lot of work? Well, it is! That is why we developed the Daysy fertility monitor, so that you can calculate your infertile and fertile phases more easily.

You do not have to do a lot of work: Just use the Daysy fertility calculator in the morning to measure your basal body temperature under your tongue and enter if you have your period. Daysy automatically calculates everything for you. The compact ovulation tracker is easy to use and fast – but more importantly, Daysy is reliable.

Daysy records your menstrual cycle history so that you are always in the know of what is happening in your body. Daysy offers a very reliable and precise ovulation calculation.


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