Sex Coaching

Disclaimer: I only work with women and couples. Serious inquiries only.

sex coach is a trained professional who helps people with sexual, intimacy and relationship issues. Sex coaches address problems such as sexless marriage, low libido, and sexual dysfunction, but also guide their clients to fully grasp their sexual potential through education, training and communication.

Sex coaches deal with sex head-on without any blame, shame, or negative judgment so that clients can talk about the things that are hard to talk about and get out of shame and into pleasure and fulfillment. I work with women who are single and with people in relationships.

I work one-on-one with individuals or couples, or even groups, to help empower my clients sexually, teach them sexual skills, and give them permission to make pleasure a part of their lives.  I also teach specific skills like BDSM or KINK, or may specialize in finding the G-spot, or energy orgasms.  I teach basic Sex Ed, give resources to women on how to reignite their libido.  I help people remove inhibitions that hold them back from having a sexually fulfilling life.

I help you feel safer and more comfortable being close to an intimate partner. I offer in-person in New York City and New Jersey and virtual meetings world-wide. I offer several packages for each. Virtual sessions start at $700/ month. In-person consultation starts at $5,000 for 10 hours. Really want to ramp up your sex life? Then you’ll need my year-long in-person packages, which start at $38,000.

Intimacy Coaching is for you if:


  • are Unable to Climax
  • experience Performance Anxiety
  • are Not having Enough Sex
  • are Afraid to Express Fantasies to partners
  • have symptoms of Low Sexual Desire & Vaginal Dryness
  • wonder if you Need More Variety in the Bedroom
  • your Marriage Wearing Out
  • suffer from poor Body Image
  • experience Masturbation Stigma

I offer a consultation to see if we’re a good fit. Consultation is $350 and is credited to your first session or package.



*Sex surrogacy available for additional fees.

  • 100% discreet and confidential. We strictly follow HIPPA rules.
  • No insurance accepted.
  • Professional, certified, and insured.
Sex Expert
Nicole helped me make the necessary changes to help me feel better and to enjoy sex with my husband again. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for her help. I highly recommend working with Nicole if you want to improve your marriage and to feel better in your body!

Nicole helped me let go and be myself in the bedroom. When I started working with her, I was not enjoying sex. It was like a chore that I had to do to keep my boyfriend happy. I’m not anxious about sex anymore.

My sister has been seeing changes in only a couple of weeks after working with Nicole. Please sign me up!

The advice Nicole gives is perfect! My girlfriend and I are finally having great sex. My girlfriend is more satisfied than ever now that I know what I am doing after working with Nicole.