How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Over coffee with a few of my favorite holistic powerhouse business women one snowy morning in Belmar, we were talking about what helps us stay motivated, thinking clear, and keeping life organized. We are all busy women with families and thriving businesses. All of the women agreed that we need order in the work space before the creativity starts flowing.

A little backstory is that earlier that week, I posted a photo of my messy desk on Instagram and hashtag #BusyDoula. That day I took a break from emails to clean my desk and to organize the stacks of papers, etc that littered my work area–my area where big ideas happen, usually. Unless it’s cluttered! Later that night I posted another picture of my clean desk and hashtag #BigIdeas.

Let’s shift the focus to YOU and YOUR CREATIVE SPACE… dum da dum… Your Bedroom! How to Feng Shui your Bedroom

Feng shui means wind and water. It has its roots in how the ancient Chinese noticed that the balance between these two forces of nature. It’s the art of a strategic delicate placement.

  1. The most ideal bedroom shape for a couple is rectangle.
  2. If your bedrooms has a bathroom attached to it, always close the toilet lid and close the bathroom door whenever possible. We don’t want any of the positive energy to drain. Do not place the bed against the wall that has a toilet on the other side.
  3. Do not place your bed where your feet are pointing to the door. If this is inevitable, place a bench, screen, or other barrier at the foot of the bed. The most ideal placement of the bed is diagonally opposite the door, not under the windows.
  4. Do not store anything under the bed. Clutter in the bedroom, especially under your bed inhibits the free flow of good energy. For natural fertility, naturally inducing labor, and for mental clarity, good energy flow in the bedroom is essential.
  5. Overhead beams are thought to split a couple’s harmony and romance.
  6. Avoid bringing electronics into the bedroom.
  7. Furniture should have soft edges. Sharp corners and edges bring negative energy to your creative space.
  8. Waterbeds, water paintings, and/or aquariums should not be placed in the bedroom. Water tends to make your space soggy.
  9. Live plants and flowers in the bedroom are thought to bring about infidelity and disagreements in the relationship.
  10. Lighting and colors in the bedroom should be soft and subdued.

Symbols and decorative items, and colors that increase fertile energy:
~ Incorporating colors like white, ivory, tan, brown, pink, or gold promotes relationship harmony and sexual desire.
~Placing items in pairs, for example two lamps: one on each side of the bed. Both items should be the same height.
~ Other potent fertility symbols include hollow bamboo, symbolizing humility and fertility; pictures of magpies, the bird of happiness and joy; a red lantern on both sides of the bed to bring good yang into the bedroom; and pomegranates, which also represent fertility.

Happy decorating!


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