Better Sex with Estrogen Boosting Black Beans

Better Sex with Estrogen Boosting Black Beans

Beans, beans… They’re good for the heart… The more you eat…

Yup, black beans are great for your heart because they contain quercetin and saponins, which aid in cardioprotection. But did you know, that black beans can help boost your sex drive? True story.

Here’s how it works: Black beans, and other beans and complex carbs, increase your estrogen while they lower your cortisol. This interaction with your lady sex hormones causes your sex drive to come out from hiding.

What is Estrogen?

I’m so glad you asked. Estrogen is one of the 8 major female sex hormones. Estrogen gives you your female characteristics, your bone structure, your reproductive organs, your genitalia, and yup you guessed it… your sex drive.

Black beans fall into the category of legume and are a plant-based phyto-estrogen prized for their high fiber and protein content. Foods high in phyto-estrogen properties help boost your estrogen levels. In the rankings of phytoestrogens per serving, black beans ranked the highest. Ding, ding, ding!

If your libido is low, it could be your estrogen levels.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I am not saying go eat beans and then get your sexy on.

Beans are a pre-sex no-no not just for the gas factor—they also make you super-bloated. Beans contain a sugar that isn’t digestible, according to a study published in Nutrition Journal, so once they hit your stomach you’re sure to puff up.

Cosmopolitan, 2012

So. Not. Sexy.

Just add them to your diet on the days you don’t have a hook-up planned. Some great ways to get these little black legumes into your diet is with soup, chili, a great side dish, a dip for your veggies, in your salad, and even with your morning eggs.

Estrogen insufficiency is linked to a variety of problems, but too much estrogen can also be problematic. Studies show phytoestrogens may provide similar benefits to the synthetic estrogen used in hormone replacement therapy.

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