Sex & Poop

Sex & Poop

Episode 1: Sex & Poop
January 15, 2020

Gut health affects your sex. It’s true, girlfriend. Farting during sex is so not hot. Listen in as we talk about anal SEX, birth control, date nights, and everything POOP, sex, and butt.

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Laurie Seely, a Functional Medicine Health Coach, whose goal it is to help you repair your gut so that you can feel normal again (or for the first time in your life!). No more anal itches waking you up at night, no more constipation or bathroom emergencies. I want to bring an end to your nasal congestion, oral thrush, vaginal infections, and skin rashes.

Nicole Buratti is an internationally recognized Sex Expert. She is a sex writer and speaker. Nicole is available for private sex, dating, and relationship coaching. Connect with her HERE.

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