The Mature Vagina

The Mature Vagina

Your vagina goes through a lot in your lifetime, and while there are some more obvious changes through life like puberty, childbirth, and menopause, major changes occur in between those milestones. The vulva, the part of the genitalia that includes the labia, and the vagina itself will evolve as a woman’s hormone levels change.

One way to think about changes in the vagina is to look in the mirror and think about changes in your face.

As you enter your 50s, you’ll likely experience menopause, a biological process that marks the end of the menstrual cycleAccording to the Mayo Clinic, the average age for menopause in the United States is 51, but it can occur as early as your mid to late 30s and your 40s. Irregular periods, chills, hot flashes, mood changes, and vaginal dryness are all signs you’re entering menopause in the coming months or years.

Your natural vaginal mucus will thin out in texture and decrease production. This dryness can significantly interfere with sexual activity, causing painful sex, prolapse, and even urinary tract infections. For this botheration, I recommend daily moisturizing of the vulva with an organic coconut oil. Apply morning and night to the vulva, outside your vagina. For more comfortable sex, use your favorite lube. It’s normal, girlfriend!

You’ll probably go through menopause in your early 50s, and vaginal dryness and wrinkles on the vulva can occur.

Your vagina’s physical appearance will change too, with your vulva’s skin appearing thinner and even wrinkly, just like an aging person’s face gets more wrinkles with age. Sagginess of the mons pubis (the triangle where hair grows) and a change in your vulva’s color are also common. Your pubic hair will start to gray.

No matter how or how quickly your vulva and vagina change, these stages are normal and expected. If you are concerned about the changes to your vagina and vulva, schedule a consultation with me so that we can talk about it.

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