Sex After Abortion

Sex After Abortion

Episode 3: Sex after Abortion
January 27, 2020



People Google the term “sex after abortion” roughly 2,000 times a month. Though some doctors make suggestions to their patients based on individual medical history (the protocol varies from state to state and clinic to clinic), many women are left with more questions than answers—at least, many of the women I’ve spoken to are. Is sex going to hurt? Feel different? Be different? Let’s talk about SEX after and abortion with the one and only Abortion Coach, Amanda Star Kinglsey.

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Amanda Star Kingsley is a woman of big dreams and a child of the universe. She delights in life’s simple pleasures: making someone smile, learning about a new resource, making a new friend…
she lives every day in the light of possibility.

Life has thrown her a few hurdles, but she refuses to let them define her, and now she’s teaching others to do the same!


Nicole Buratti is an internationally recognized Sex Expert. She is a sex writer and speaker. Nicole is available for private sex, dating, and relationship coaching. Connect with her HERE.

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