Sex & Relationships

Sex & Relationships

Episode 17
July 16, 2020


Optimizing communication in any relationship is going to lead to hot sex. Listen in as I chat up Mollie Eliasof, NYC based relationship therapist, on all things communication and relationships!

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Determined, dedicated, and passionate: Mollie brings her full self to this work. Driven for people to feel whole from the inside out, Mollie founded Mollie Eliasof Therapy with the hopes that people could have more space to thrive by exploring their emotional wellness in a place that was safe and filled with integrity. A true artist at heart, Mollie uses visuals throughout her work to find a shared language and magnify meanings. Also a pragmatist, Mollie will always leave you with some concrete skills, along with her directness and boundless warmth.

Nicole Buratti is an internationally recognized Sex Expert. She is the creator and author of The GEMMA Method®, a sex writer and speaker. Nicole is available for private sex, dating, and relationship coaching. Connect with her HERE.

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