10 Orgasmic Sensations

10 Orgasmic Sensations

Did You Say Orgasm?

Don’t be mistaken. I don’t want to focus on orgasms as the must-have in terms of achievement, because it’s not like you have to come at the end of every mastubatory-sesh. But since it’s often the goal, it’s important to take some time to understand the different types of orgasm you might experience. All orgasmic sensations are individual experiences, so there is no one way to have an orgasm and there are no definitive terms to categorize what you feel when doing so. But since we come from a society that likes to label everything, I’ve compiled a list of the types of orgasms that have been categorized and labeled. They are only frames of reference for what you might encounter.



Clitoral orgasms happen because the clitoris is in some way rubbed, tugged, or touched in some way to the point of no return. Women touch their clits more than anything else because it’s a sure way to bring on orgasm. Sometimes women get really into it by also grabbing their breast.



Vaginal/cervical orgasms happen through penetration, and while Sigmund Freud may have declared them the cream of the crop, they are by no means the biggest, baddest, or best orgasms in the bunch. While some women are all about the vagina, only 30% of women actually orgasm from vaginal penetration alone.


A G-spot orgasm can occur without the aid of clitoral stimulation. Since the G-spot is not actually in the vagina, a G-spot orgasm is not a vaginal orgasm. For some women the sensation of having to urinate, which can come along with hitting the G-spot, makes this orgasm a tad bit difficult to achieve. 


An anal orgasm is brought on through anal stimulation by a finger, toy, penis, or tongue. The anus has many nerve endings and is very sensitive to play. To increase the chances of having an orgasm during anal sex, you’ll to have a lot of foreplay, be pretty wet, use plenty of silicon-based lube. It is very important that you communicate with your partner and that your partner goes slow.  Adding clitoral stimulation can help, and you can come just by stimulating the area around the rectum.



Breast orgasms result from heavy petting of the breasts and nipples. Women with very sensitive breasts can experience these types of orgasm. Add a little vulva stimulation to the mix for added pleasure.



U-spot orgasms are for women who like stimulating the urethra during sex or masturbation. Since the urethra is surrounded by the pleasure centers of the clitoris, the vagina, and the paraurethral glands, the area can be a total turn on for a lot of us. This is not about going inside the urethra, it is about stimulating the area around it.


Combined or Blended

Combination orgasms are often referred to as “blended” orgasms. That means that you’re not just coming through clitoral stimulation or vaginal stimulation. Instead, you are having a orgasm that is the sum of these parts.


Nocturnal Orgasm

You’ve had sensual dreams before. But this is a whole other thing. Some women can have an orgasm during an erotic dream while sleeping. Most women have had one of these sleep orgasms by the time they’re 45, but it’s difficult to know how common they really are.


Multiple Orgasm

You can’t have too much of a good thing, right? That’s the appeal of multiple orgasms, something women can indulge in because unlike men, females don’t experience a refractory period after climaxing that requires some downtime before gearing up for round two.

Women reach a certain heightened state of ecstasy with their first orgasm, and then can stay up there on this plateau. With more and more simulation, they can have multiple orgasms. Many women do experience this, but not every woman will want to.

Fantasy Orgasm

Fantasy orgasms are the kind that think you off, meaning that the result from your capacity to mentally get yourself going. Fantasy orgasms require mental stimulation to turn you on, and get you off.


What’s your favorite way to reach an orgasm?

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