What is Your Erotic Blueprint? Let’s Find Out!

What is Your Erotic Blueprint? Let’s Find Out!

October 12, 2020
Episode 24

Erotic Blueprint

There’s so much more to the Erotic Blueprints™ than we can cover here, but here’s a basic overview of the five Blueprint Types.

Once you know your type (and you may have more than one at play), then the challenge is to learn how to apply this in your love life! That’s where coaching and mentorship come in: to help you navigate learning the Blueprints in your body, how to play with them with your partners, and how to turn your new skills and practices into smokin’ hot sexy times and authentic intimate connection. But, here’s a tease (because we know you love that).

Erotic Blueprint Coach

As a Certified and Licensed Erotic Blueprint™ Coach and Intuitive Heart Healer, Beth’s passion is helping middle age womxn reawaken to their divine erotic freedom and orgasmic life force so that they may experience profound self-love and live fully self-expressed and vibrant lives. She also helps committed couples expand and deepen their intimacy to extraordinary levels of sexual expression, freedom and aliveness. 

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Nicole Buratti is an internationally recognized Sex Expert. She is the creator and author of The GEMMA Method®, a sex writer and speaker. Nicole is available for private sex, dating, and relationship coaching. Connect with her HERE.

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