Women’s Empowerment: 7 Reasons to Love Skirt Club

Skirt Club - Women's Sexual Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment: 7 Reasons to Love Skirt Club

It’s been 7 months and I have taken the rules very seriously. I had been dying to get to a Skirt Club event. It was time though, time to venture out and socialize with other fabulous women who know the meaning of sexy and women’s empowerment.

I was like a high school girl all week long getting ready for a date with the hot guy in the Molly Ringwald movie. What was I going to wear? Will I be awkward in high heels after being out of practice for so long? Is a red lip too much? I was so nervous but excited.

I became a member of Skirt Club in March, right before the city shut down. I’ve been a member for 7 months and I have attended their online events in the interim of the city’s lockdown. The online events are great and really well managed, but there’s nothing like in-person events. It’s where the fun really happens.

It was a gorgeous October Saturday and the event was held at a beautiful private rooftop near Central Park. I wore my sexiest little black dress, my favorite stilettos got dusted off, and of course my Tempest Red BlueBella set. I wore a sexy red lipstick to match the lingerie. I felt sexy, but not for anyone else. Just myself.

BlueBella Tempest Red
BlueBella Tempest Red Thong

I can’t help myself talking about lipstick and lingerie, but let’s get back to Skirt Club. Founded in 2014 by Geneviève LeJeune, having attended “play parties” with a long-term boyfriend. She soon realized she was doing things for his pleasure, not her own. Skirt Club is all about female pleasure and not only sexual. Skirt Club really gets me.

For many our inner curiosity calls out to us. Yes, women are deeply sexual creatures. For us sex is a unique expression of love. Love for ourselves, love for others.

Geneviève LeJeune


Why Do I Love Skirt Club?

  1. Girls Night Out with a focus on you and every girl there. There is no competition, no drama, and no judgement.
  2. New Friendships. I met some really amazing women and plan to stay in touch with them for lunch dates and future events.
  3. Sexual Empowerment and Discovery. Skirt Club’s mission is to build an exclusive all-female community for empowerment and sexual discovery.
  4. Book Club. I am always up for talking about an amazing book on women’s empowerment written by an amazing author who will do a guest speaking engagement for the ladies. Count me in, girlfriends!
  5. Events. Skirt Club has all different types of events and parties. Virtual and in-person, from Book Club to Miniskirt Parties to Dinner parties. They’re all pretty awesome.
  6. Discreet and Private. I always feel 100% safe at Skirt Club events and on their private forums. Skirt Club even offers a concierge service for those concerned about privacy. I think that’s pretty rad.
  7. Female Empowerment. Last but not least, Female Empowerment. Not many clubs celebrate women’s empowerment these days. In this time of patriarchy, who couldn’t use a little more feminine in her life?


Skirt Club Celebrates
Women’s Empowerment

I can’t wait for the next Skirt Club event. I am already connecting with the women I met this weekend and making plans to meet at the party.

Want to learn more about Skirt Club? Visit their website HERE.
Want to learn more about my affiliate brand, BlueBella? Visit their website HERE.

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