Your Lingerie Challenge: 7 Tips to Love Lingerie Shopping

Lingerie Challenge: 7 Tips for Shopping

Your Lingerie Challenge: 7 Tips to Love Lingerie Shopping

I get it, you’re a busy, on-the-go woman (I can relate, for sure!), you probably know how easy it is to lose track of your libido, forget about your sensual side, and totally deplete all of your sexual energy. It’s as if one day you embraced and enjoyed your sensuality, and the next day you couldn’t even remember if you ever experienced it! So frustrating! Let’s talk about Your Lingerie Challenge and my 7 Tips for Lingerie Shopping.


One of the primary reasons you lose track of the sensual woman inside of you is that everyday life just pushes her to the side. And once she’s off to the side, you start to ignore her. And pretty soon, you forget she’s even there. Because she’s usually not loud or brash or pushy. Instead, she’s just sitting over there, waiting for you to notice her and give her some attention. That’s why I created the Lingerie Challenge, just for you!


So, if you’ve lost track of your sensual woman, is there anything you can do? Or is she going to be MIA for the rest of your life? Fortunately, the answers are “yes, you can” and “no, she isn’t.” You can find her and embrace her and build her up. We’ve talked in the past about some ways to do that. Things like reigning in your family’s schedule, making time for exercise, getting enough sleep, learning to say no, and simply prioritizing sensuality and intimacy in your life. Who has time for a Lingerie Challenge? Girl, it’s gonna be worth it.

Lingerie offers a chance to honor yourself every day.

Dita Von teese

Lingerie Challenge Shopping Tips

Today I want to suggest another idea, something very simple that could make a difference in the way you and I feel about ourselves as sensual women – a 7-Day Lingerie Experiment. I’m getting ready to try it, and I’m inviting you to try it with me. Here are my 7 Tips for getting started with lingerie shopping because lingerie shopping can be as painful as shopping for new jeans if you aren’t prepared.


7 Tips to Love Lingerie Shopping

  1. Seek out specialists. If at all possible, go to a specialty lingerie shop or a boutique department store with a dedicated lingerie department and a knowledgable sales staff. Reviews on websites like Yelp can help you find the best places near you. No matter where you are shopping, you want to feel confident that you’re talking to a lingerie specialist.
  2. Call ahead. If you’re new to lingerie shopping, it is perfectly acceptable to call ahead of time. you may want to make a fitting appointment so that they can set aside some time for you. You can ask if they carry your size, brands, or products you’re interested in.
  3. Get yourself into a positive mindset. Have a small meal before going to shop. Wear an outfit you like and comfy shoes. If at all possible, try not to go during a time when you feel self-doubt or low vibes.
  4. Have a sense of what you want. While the staff is there to help you, they cannot decide for you. It’s ok if you don’t know what you like just yet. It’s helpful to know how you want lingerie to make you feel. Also, have a budget in mind.
  5. Be willing to experiment. If you only wear full-coverage T-shirt bras, give a demi or a plunge style a try. Never worn loungewear before? Slip a robe or two into the mix.
  6. Get fitted. More than that, be open to wearing a new and different size. Everyone’s bra sizes change over their lifetime. A bra size is nothing more than a number and letter.
  7. Don’t buy something unless you absolutely love it. I’m serious. If you don’t feel confident and comfortable and that this is the perfect item for you, don’t buy it. Otherwise, it will just sit in the back of your drawer forever.

You Can Love Lingerie Shopping


The premise is simple – if you wear lingerie that makes you feel sensual and sexy, you’ll begin to think of yourself as more sensual. And if you wear frumpy old underwear all the time, you’ll tend to think of yourself as a bit frumpy. So, let’s do it… Join my Lingerie Challenge! Because I don’t know about you, but my typical day-to-day “lingerie” is neither sensual or sexy. It’s functional, but that’s about it. And the sensual woman inside of me really isn’t all that crazy about it. Read more on The Reasons to Wear Lingerie Every Day on my Blog.

I have a good idea! Switch the focus from the top to the bottom with a garter belt ensemble, just what came to mind. I got sexy vision of a mom chasing in a skirt showing a little strap and thigh action.


Remember, you are not wearing lingerie that’s supposed to be “hot,” but in reality feels like an instrument of torture. Not lingerie that only a size 2 model could love. Not even lingerie that your partner likes. Wear lingerie that you like, that makes you feel good and sensual and maybe even a little bit sexy. It could be a fun camisole, a pretty pair of panties  or something a little sexier but still comfortable. Wear it all day, even if you’re going to work, homeschooling your kids, or chasing toddlers. Wear it for you, and let it encourage you to embrace your power as a sensual woman – every day for 7 days.

Want to Join my 7-Day Lingerie Challenge? It’s gonna be freaking beautiful!

Lingerie Challenge

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