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15 Ways To Spark Your Feminine Energy

The term 'feminine' has meant many different things throughout time, from pretty-looking women, to motherly types who were good at domestic chores, to those who excelled at flirting but not much else. Halfway through the 20th century the feminist movement became a serious force, but...

Sex After Trauma

Dear Sex Talk, How do I feel sexy again after tragedy? After having a heart attack this past March, it has been a real struggle for me to feel like myself again. I have a difficult time feeling sexy, especially when it comes to being affectionate and...

Lack of Intimacy

“No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor. ”― Betty Friedan Dear Sex Talk, How do I fix intimacy in my relationship? After several traumatic events in 13 years with my partner, I now feel pressured to have sex...

September in Sex

It's Sexy September and that means we celebrate Sex all month long. When someone hears the term, “sexual health,” they may think it refers only to avoiding an unplanned pregnancy or preventing STIs. While preventing unplanned pregnancy and staying STI-free are both parts of sexual...