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A three-time soon to be published author, Nicole Buratti is an informative and gifted speaker on women's health who presents on wide range of topics including hormones, sex, endometriosis, pregnancy, birth, and womenโ€™s holistic wellness. Her expertise in women's health, the science of orgasm, pregnancy, and childbirth is deeply rooted in the evidence-based facts and the mind-body connection.

Nicole engages her audience with enticing discussions backed by a unique blend of evidence based information, innate wisdom, stories from her interesting experiences which bring a new perspective. Nicole has a strong talent for bringing the audience together and getting all participants involved in her witty yet thought-provoking presentations. Her lectures are for anyone who wants to make a change in her life, in her health, and/or in her perspective as well as for those who support women on their journeys through through wellness. She creates meaningful, lively keynotes, and inspiring, interactive classes and intensives. Every talk is fresh and tailored to your unique audienceโ€™s needs.

Nicole has done talks and presentations on Endometriosis, Lowering the Cesarean Rate, Fear in and of Childbirth, the Science of Sex, Fertility and the Mind-Body Connection, Breathing for Labor and Birth, Birth Science and Brain Science, Sports Psychology & Labor, the Pelvic Floor, Hormones and Menopause.

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Sex and sex hormones, self-love, sex toys, bedroom play, body shame and body image, libido, foods and lifestyle to improve your sex life, nourishing your body, PMS/ PMDD, hormone balance, and anything else sexblocking from the sex, life, and body your audience desires.

Sex with Endometriosis

Sex in Menopause

Sex & Pelvic Pain

Sexual Health through the Life Span

Sex & Infertility

Breast Health

Sex & Hormones

Sex during Pregnancy

Sex after Baby

Orgasm 101

Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, and Psychosis


As Featured

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Parents Magazine

Eat This, Not That! Magazine

Health Magazine

Shape Magazine

Scary Mommy Blog

Kinkly Blog

Lioness Blog

O. School

NJ News 12

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Conceive Conference

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Empire Radio

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Nicole Speaks on Topics:


Natural Pregnancy

The Female Pelvic Floor


Breast Health

Women's Health through the Life Span

Labor & Child Birth

Women's Hormones & Health

Diastasis Recti

Pelvic Pain

Natural Birth


Natural Family Planning

The Business of Birth

Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, and Psychosis

Nicole Speaks at:

Yoga Studios

Women's Conferences

Yoga Conferences

Childbirth Events

Breast Health Clinics

Birthing Centers

Wellness & Chiropractic Centers

Radio & Television Talk Shows

Labor Doula Training

Birth Conferences

Doula Trainings

Fertility & Healthy Pregnancy Conventions

Corporate Wellness Seminars

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