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Ready to address that nagging bladder leakage, chronic yeast infection, or feeling like things just aren't where they used to be? In this one to one Pelvic Floor Health Coaching program, you will be supported by Nicole Buratti in an ongoing support to optimize your pelvic health.

Nicole will share her holistic approach to wellbeing and the pelvic floor. This is a proven approach with evidence based research involving lifestyle, movement, and nutrition. As the founder of the well-known Bend & Blossom, located in New Jersey, Nicole has shared the journey of pregnancy, postpartum, and intimate details of the lives of hundreds of women who want to enjoy optimum health.

Working one-on-one with Nicole, means you get individualized support tailored specifically to meet your needs. You will learn the tools you need to start focusing on doing things a little differently and seeing your health from a different perspective. We will look at your dietary, fitness, and lifestyle while you maintain an abundant pregnancy.

You are invited to join me in this personalized coaching program if you are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or just had a baby recently or a long time ago, and even if you are past baby making years. Let's schedule your complimentary session!

Start feeling stronger today!

Kegels (done properly) are an important part of the puzzle BUT there’s so much more to it!

A strong and healthy pelvic floor is one of the most essential keys to vitality – the gatekeeper to your mojo – your confidence –  your power!

Over the years I’ve refined my practice and deepened my knowledge – and compiled that into a clear set of practices that simply work.

  • Exercise to undo damage core muscles, ease back pain, eliminate incontinence and feel more supple
  • Reduce or eliminate organ prolapse and incontinence
  • Strengthening Exercises to increase Pelvic Floor Health and gain control of your bladder
  • Strategies to increase flexibility in the pelvic floor and to relieve pelvic pain
  • Stretching and Release work to optimize core function
  • Posture Balancing to relieve stress on your body and organs and gain more vitality
  • Breathing and Visualization Practices to integrate mind and body
  • Product and Lifestyle Recommendations – there are some amazing products out there you have never heard of. Get my expert opinion on what really works
  • Referrals: a good pelvic floor physio is essential to restoring your health. Every woman needs one. I have a wide network and am happy to introduce you to the best practitioners I knowContact me for more information. Click below to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY phone consult.

Pelvic Floor Health is NOT something to be embarrassed about.

Don’t go about it alone, either. Pelvic Floor issues can be serious and need the right guidance and the right tools so that you don’t make a bad situation worse by trying the wrong thing for the right situation.

Pelvic floor issues can be a very lonely and very intimate problem. Many women fear being judged or being too shy to talk about what’s up down there. Too many women live needlessly with pelvic pain, incontinence, chronic yeast infection, and bladder leakage.

Contact me for more information. Click below to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY phone consult.

Book Your Complimentary Session

About 14 days ago, I had a health coaching consult with the AMAZING Nicole Buratti. I am already seeing changes to my life and feeling changes in my body.  Also, stemming from the same consult, I now have, on pretty much most days, a dish-free sink!!!

The work I am doing on my health challenges far exceed my expectations! This is not the first time I work with Nicole and have FAR REACHING positive impact in so many areas of my life BEYOND my physical and mental health. In one phone call back in November, she literally changed my business practice, thus POSITIVELY impacting my life, with one single suggestion.

If you are struggling in ANY area of your life that is related to quality of life, business, health, emotional well being, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend you work with Nicole Buratti.

Nicole: I LOVE you!! THANK YOU!! xxxx
~Rebeca, NYC 2018


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