Sex Coaching

One of the wonderful perks of coaching is that it can happen anywhere. I coach clients Worldwide! Although I do face to face sessions, I also love working by Zoom or Phone.

Sexual health is a state of harmony in your mind and your body so that you can enjoy your body and perhaps your relationship better. When we see sex health, we often get so focused on the ‘sex’ word but honestly, it’s way more than the act of sex.

I work with women who are too tired for sex, have lost interest in orgasm, or have painful sex. Every day I meet women living with sexual dysfunction who have waited too long to address it either because their doctor told them that it’s normal to feel this way or because they were too embarrassed to mention it to their doctors. For too many women, sex is not enjoyable.

I am the one who helps whip your sex life into shape. I help you feel sexually empowered, confident in your body, and ready to take on your sex life.

We address a series of different concerns around sexuality including attachment concerns, fear of intimacy, basic sex education, and sexual wellness – all through a sex-positive approach. I make better sex happen for those who so desperately want it.

Let’s work together so that you can start enjoying sex. We can get to the root of what’s causing you to have zero interest in the Big O. Sound cool?

I Want to Help You

-You’re unable to orgasm with a partner (and you really want to).

-You finding it impossible to orgasm. Period.

-You have trust issues with a partner.

-You have an interest in kink or BDSM, but not sure where to start.

-You have a sexual fantasy you want to try IRL (or maybe your partner has shared one that scared you shitless).

-You have shame around sexuality.

-You have negative body image and it’s impacting your life and pleasure.

-You have sexual hangups you just can’t seem to get over.

I work exclusively with female clients. Women’s sex is my speciality. I am open to women of all kinds! Monogamous, polyamorous, in a relationship(s), single, or anything in-between.

I am kink-friendly and LGBTQIA+ are welcome!

My Programs

Introduction to Sex Coaching (4 weeks)

If you’re looking to try coaching and aren’t quite sure you want to make a long-term commitment – that’s OK. I am here for you no matter what. In this four-week introduction package, we’ll set one big goal for you to reach in one month. I will give you personalized guidance, exercises, and coaching to get you to that goal. Let’s do this!

Sex Life Bootcamp (12 weeks) 

This is the serious shit for people who are ready to make legitimate, long-lasting changes in their sex life. In this 12-week program, we’ll set a series of goals you wish to achieve. And then we will figure out exactly how to achieve them. Want to have multiple orgasms? We will get you there. Want to find a loving, committed relationship? I got you. Want to try BDSM? Let’s make it happen.

Nicole helped me make the necessary changes to help me feel better and to enjoy sex with my husband again. I can't say enough about how grateful I am for her help. I highly recommend working with Nicole if you want to improve your marriage and to feel better in your body!
Nicole helped me let go and be myself in the bedroom. When I started working with her, I was not enjoying sex. It was like a chore that I had to do to keep my boyfriend happy. I’m not anxious about sex anymore.
My sister has been seeing changes in only a couple of weeks after working with Nicole. Please sign me up!
The advice Nicole gives is perfect! My girlfriend and I are finally having great sex. My girlfriend is more satisfied than ever now that I know what I am doing after working with Nicole.