Sex Talk Magazine

Sex Talk Magazine

Sex Talk Magazine is a place where we celebrate women every day.

At Sex Talk Magazine, you will find beautiful pages filled with information, education, and answers to all your questions. From the latest in sexy feminine lingerie to the naughtiest tricks and tips in BDSM.

We Bring Luxury to Sex.

Sex Talk Magazine is a little bit Vogue, a little Martha, a bit Cosmo, and a lot of HOT topics. We don’t leave out any details and we do it all in style.

Sex for the Modern Woman

My mission for Sex Talk Magazine is to redefine sex for all, especially women. There are many facets to sex, intimacy, and pleasure. My wish is to define every facet of sex just for you.

Connecting the Dots Between Mind, Body, Sex

My belief is that sex and intimacy is a balance between mind-body health that starts on a chemical level deep within ourselves. Pleasure is about pleasing ourselves-not a partner or other person.

Sex Talk Magazine

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Sex Talk Magazine | Premiere Issue | Nov/December

Issue 1: Fall 2020

Sex Talk Magazine

You’ll learn things like…

  • Redefining Sex
  • Butt Sex Made Easy
  • Fantasy
  • BDSM
  • Loving Yourself First
  • The Good Girl Syndrome
  • Loving Sex After a Toxic Relationship
  • …and so much more!

Featured Contributors

Sex Talk Magazine - Brandi Grooms

Brandi Grooms

A graduate of Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts, Brandi Grooms Johnson strives to capture the inner radiance and allure of her subjects.

Sex Talk Magazine - Crystal Bantel

Crystal Bantel

Crystal Bantel is a business coach as well as the owner and manager of Butterwear – Handmade Luxurious Underwear.

Sex Talk Magazine - Beth Brown

Beth Brown

Beth Lovemore Brown is a Certified and Licensed Erotic Blueprint™ Coach and Intuitive Heart Healer.

Sex Talk Magazine - Alexandra Hogg

Alexandra Hogg

Alexandra is a business strategist for Facebook marketing who focuses on balance between life and work.

Sex Talk Magazine - Isabelle Kirsch

Isabelle Kirsch

Isabelle is an Abusive Relationship Recovery Coach and founder of The Trusted Journey. She supports women to heal from toxic relationships, domestic violence & narcissistic abuse so they can find peace, confidence and move smoothly towards a beautiful future.

Sex Talk Magazine - Vera Prezak

Vera Prazak

Empowers women to be radiant in and out, confident in their life and gain control over food without any complicated diets or rules.

Sex Talk Magazine - Michiko Riezzz

Michiko Riezz

I am a sex & intimacy coach who has helped hundreds of women and couples reclaim their libido and passion for sex in long-term relationships.

Sex Talk Magazine - Marinella Yule

Marinella Yule

Marinella Yule, founder of the travel blog. She has traveled to over 40 countries and has even bicycled around North America (about 6K miles in total).

Sex Talk Magazine - Femme Fiction

Veronica Styles

Veronica Styles wanted to help women, and couples, explore their sexuality through female friendly erotica, short stories and blogs covering important sex positive topics.

Sex Talk Magazine